An All-In-one Work-Based Learning Platform

Leverage powerful features to reduce roadblocks and create more work-based learning experiences for students

Simplify Work-Based Learning Experiences

The PATHWAYos® work-based learning platform enables schools, districts, and career centers to create more work-based learning experiences for students through streamlined workflows, business partner engagement, and experience tracking.
  • Simplify the Process – One interface for students, educators, administrators, and employers to expand work-based learning experiences.
  • Reduce Paperwork – Streamline manual processes with automations and tracking tools.
  • Leverage Real-Time Data – Easily surface actionable data, demonstrate program effectiveness and secure more funding with powerful pre-built reports and filters.
  • Engage Business Partners – Expand opportunities for students with more direct, streamlined communication with employers.

Empower Students, Educators, Administrators, and Employers

Together we can change how students see their options, how educators see their workload, and how industry sees its talent pool.

Leverage Powerful Features to Reduce Roadblocks

Work-based learning program management—made easy.
The PATHWAYos® work-based learning platform simplifies business partner management and digitizes day-to-day workflows, increasing actual time and impact with students. Features include:
Business Partner Database, Portal + Job Board
Form + Workflow Builder
Time Logging with GeoCheck-In
Work-Based Learning Experience Builder + Tracking
Service Activity Builder + Tracking
Pre-Built Reports, including Perkins Special Population Reporting
Badging + Student Engagement
SIS Rostering + SSO Integration

Empower All Work-Based Learning Participants

Paving the way to opportunity and exploration.


Let go of one-size-fits-all expectations and enable students to explore options to find the right route to success.


Remove administrative hurdles to focus on what matters—connecting more students with more opportunities.


Strengthen tomorrow’s workforce by discovering and developing today’s talent.

Ready to Get Started?

Nationwide, schools trust the PATHWAYos® work-based learning platform to help them create more work-based learning experiences for more students! Request a demo today!