Give potential a platform

Reducing roadblocks to connect more students with more opportunities.

Supporting tomorrow’s workforce—today

Closing the opportunity gap while addressing the skills gap.
The right tools turn dead ends into doorways. Together we can change how students see their options, how educators see their workload, and how industry sees its talent pool.

Scale without setbacks

Work-based learning program management—made easy.
The integrated platform and intuitive design mean you spend less time buried in spreadsheets and more time helping students find their path.
Business Partner Database + Portal with Job Board
Microcredential, Dual Enrollment, and Competency Tracking
Perkins Special Population Reporting
SIS Rostering & SSO Integration
Intermediary Management
Document Builder + Workflow Engine
Time Tracking with Geo Check-In
Community Service Tracking, Managing, and Reporting
Content and Workforce Data Partnerships

Connecting people to pathways

Paving the way to opportunity and exploration.


Let go of one-size-fits-all expectations and explore options to find the right route to success.


Remove administrative hurdles to focus on what matters—connecting more students with more opportunities.


Fortify tomorrow’s workforce by discovering and developing today’s talent.

Making work-based learning work better

Learn how PATHWAYos works with your unique needs.